Washoku Washoku | Travel Wallet
Washoku Washoku | Travel Wallet

Washoku Washoku | Travel Wallet

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'Washoku Washoku' is a wordplay of homonyms. '和色', the first 'Washoku' means 'traditional Japanese colours', while the second one, '和食', refers to Japanese-style cuisine. The first series of miniature handmade felt sculptures of Japanese dishes - bento, takoyaki, and ramen - transformed into a seamless pattern design. Ramen refers to Japanese quicking-noodles served in a red bowl. Takoyaki is an octopus-filled wheat batter ball-shaped cakes with Teriyaki sauce, served in a boat dish. Curry rice consists of potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes with curry sauce on rice served on a purple plate. Omelette rice is savoury chicken ketchup fried white rice wrapped in a thin layer of egg. Miso soup refers to a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a dashi stock into which softened miso paste is mixed, served in a black soup bowl. Bento refers to a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean cuisines and other Asian cultures where rice is the main staple food. A traditional bento holds rice or noodles, fish, or meat, with pickled and cooked vegetables, in a box. In this case, the ingredients are served in a black lunch box.

Designer Travel Wallet

Designer Travel Wallet

  • Handmade leather interior
  • Closes with press stud
  • Black leather lining
  • Printed with my design
  • Handmade to order

Care instruction

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

  • Wipe Down
  • No Soak

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