Hibiscus | Pendant Extender

Hibiscus | Pendant Extender

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In the language of flowers, the pink hibiscus denotes friendship and different kinds of love.

Similar to Feltto's Pendant charms collection, these pendant extenders give your wardrobe a new breath of life without fussing over storage or environmental waste. Apart from adding lengths to your necklace or bracelet, you could use this as a keychain or a zip puller. Its versatility allows you to attach and detach it on any part of your accessories as and when you like. Mix it with Feltto's pendant charm collection and explore limitless styles that make heads turn.


Material: Sanitised recycled felt fabric, cotton embroidery threads, fabric paint

Dimensions [cm]: 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.5

Drop Length [cm]: 7.2

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