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Gorilla Guerilla (2021) | Sculpture

Verisart Certificate of Authenticity

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A girl with part-green part-lilac hair, donned in ice cream flavour-inspired dress, was surrounded by tiny gorillas and sweet treats.



How detailed could you recall your dreams you had the night before. Gorilla Guerilla (2021) was inspired by a wacky dream/nightmare I had while I was in Junior College. On that day, my band mates and I were discussing about graduation gifts to prepare for our seniors. Someone mentioned getting them a box of chocolate each. That night, I dreamt of going to a neighbourhood shop to get a box of chocolate. In fact, I stupidly purchased a shoebox of chocolate that costs $120. As I exited the shop, I witnessed three mountain gorillas patrolling around the void deck. One of them even sat beside an elderly man around the stone table. Upon spotting my shoebox of chocolates, the gorillas bolted in my direction. I panicked and tried to escape, but in my dream, I never let go of that box of chocolate. That's weird, isn't it?

Dimensions [Length x Width x Height]

2.7 cm x 2.7 cm x 4.5 cm

      Surrealist Felt Sculpture

      Pop kawaii dream/nightmare-inspired artworks

      Exceptional Quality

      ✧ Sanitised upcycled felt fabric

      ✧ Fabric paint

      ✧ Hypoallergenic surgical nickel-free 18K gold vacuum-plated stainless steel

      ✧ Ultraviolet [UV] resin

      ✧ Cotton threads

      ✧ Polyester stuffing

      ✧ Laser glitter

      What's included

      ✧ Your surrealist felt sculpture

      ✧ Digital blockchain registered certificate of authenticity

      ✧ Free upgrade to registered shipping via DHL 

      ✧ Choice to add frame/canvas at no additional cost (please state your frame colour in 'customer's note')

      Highly Customisable

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      • UNIQUE

        If you appreciate dreamarish artworks with dark humour, you might appreciate FELTTIST art. FELTTO dolls are for miniature collectors.


        Both FELTTIST and FELTTO figures are upcycled from sanitised recycled felt fabric pieces from past projects.


        FELTTIST sculptures need a wall to lean on, but can be transformed into hanging or free-standing art. FELTTO dolls are too small and light, so you'd need to place them in the glass bottle as a free-standing artwork.


        FELTTIST artworks are about 4cm in height and very light, so moving your collection is highly convenient. FELTTO dolls are standing at only 1cm, allow you to bring them out for a walk in your glass bottle pendant necklace.