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Glass Bottle Pendant

Verisart Certificate of Authenticity

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$8.00 USD

Display and wear your FELTTO dolls in an upgraded glass bottle pendant

    World's Tiniest Plush

    ✧ Plush toy - 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm x 1.0 cm

    ✧ Glass bottle - 0.8 cm x 0.8 cm x 2.0 cm

    Exceptional Quality

    ✧ Sanitised upcycled felt fabric

    ✧ Fabric paint

    ✧ Glass + cork

    ✧ Hypoallergenic surgical nickel-free 18K gold vacuum-plated stainless steel

    What's included

    ✧ Your miniature plush toy

    ✧ Mini glass bottle for display

    ✧ Mini printed adoption certificate

    ✧ Digital blockchain registered certificate of authenticity

    ✧ Free 2-year warranty

    ✧ Corduroy cushion box

    Highly Customisable

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    2. Upload reference photos

    3. Indicate other details in 'Customer Note'

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    • Certified Authenticity

      Verified with VerisArt, your orders come with blockchain-registered certificate of authenticity.

    • Environment-friendly

      These tiny felt dolls are made from sanitised recycled felt fabric pieces to reduce environmental waste.

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    So Light. So Dainty.

    Let's bring them out for a walk

    • Playable

      Welcome your little new friend into your family of tiny characters.

    • Displayable

      Hang them on the wall against felt canvas as a piece of artwork.

    • Portable

      Using your glass pendant as a carrier, bring your felt dolls out for an adventure.

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    How to customise?

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    Choose your style

    STEP 2

    Upload reference photos

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    Indicate other details in 'Customer Note'

    STEP 4

    Click the 'Pre-Order Now' button

    You can't find them elsewhere

    • UNIQUE

      Most miniatures are either made from clay or other hard materials. FELTTO dolls are made from felt and are soft. You can't find them elsewhere.


      All dolls are upcycled from sanitised recycled felt fabric pieces from past projects.


      Place them in a glass bottle to display as an artwork or let them hang around with your dolls.


      When you purchase FELTTO dolls with the glass bottle pendant and necklace chain, you wear and bring your tiny friends out for a walk.