BE KINDER Felt Portrait | Flat Cards

BE KINDER Felt Portrait | Flat Cards

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'BE KINDER' is a felt portrait made with grey felt letters and handmade felt flower sculptures against a yellow felt fabric as the background. Sometimes, it can be tough being kind, especially to people who are mean to you. Whenever I encounter unpleasant individuals, I'll get mad at them, but I have a choice not to be. They might be having a bad day, or are feeling stressed over their work. Perhaps they are experiencing a loss or something else we could not comprehend as strangers. Everyone has their own story. It's too easy to jump to conclusions and start a fight. What we can all do is to step back and breathe. Look at the bigger picture and think about the consequence. Do we want to end our day with a smile or a frown? You might already have the answer: Be kinder to everyone, including yourself!

These high quality cards include a protective sleeve per 10 cards and include a white envelope for each card. Works well with regular ballpoint pens after short drying time.

Size: 5" x 5"

Coating: Silk cover - Between a gloss and a matte sheen without having that mirror-like shine of a full gloss, this coating offers incredible uniformity. Thanks to its premium coated surface, it is idea for projects that call for clarity, detail, and intense colours.

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