Please write to for general inquiries about:

  • Customer care
  • Social media feature


Please write to for business inquiries:

  • Commissions
  • Collaborations
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How do I receive the firsthand news from Feltto?

You can sign up for Feltto's newsletter for firsthand shop updates, giveaway entry, new art projects, flash sales, and more. The email which will be sending you these news is

***Do not open any suspicious messages that are sent from variation of my email addresses to avoid phishing and other forms of cyber attacks! I'm using only these two email addresses and will personally let you know if I'm creating new email addresses.


What will I be receiving from Feltto's newsletter?

I promise I won't spam, because I don't like being spammed! When you sign up for Feltto's newsletter, you can expect to get:


- Updates of more detailed behind-the-scenes art-making processes which are not shared on my social media

- Sneak peek of custom orders/commissions from fellow art collectors and art enthusiasts

- Alert of the next sales + discount coupons



Do you take commissions?

Yes, I take commissions/custom orders. CLICK HERE to browse for available themes. If the current listed products are not what you're looking for, feel free to contact me below. 


Do you sell fan art merchandise?

I create appropriation art out of curiosity and interest as limited editions.


How to purchase custom orders?

Click HERE to write an email to

In your email, please state:

- Type of product (sculpture, jewelry, or print product etc.)

- Theme (flower type, food type, animal, or character etc.)

- Share image(s) of what you'd like to be made (if you have)

You'll expect to receive a response that include:

- Questions to further clarify your order

- Proposed design of your commission

- Estimated cost of the finished product

- Confirmation on whether you are ready to proceed

- Link to the shop listing to make an initial payment, usually 50% upfront

***The listed price is the initial fee. You will be making your final remaining payment in another product listing when your order is ready to ship. CLICK HERE to drop your image(s) [This folder is publicly available. Feel free to add a watermark to your uploads]. Handmade items require time and materials investment, so please only take orders when you are very sure that you want to make a purchase. 

Once your commission is completed and ready to be shipped, you'll receive:

- Link to the shop listing to pay for the remaining cost


Do you do brands collaborations?

Yes, I do collaborations with artists, brands, and companies.

CLICK HERE to write an email to

*This excludes content creators who request for free product(s) in exchange for a feature/shoutout/review.