Are You Crazy?

How would you feel when someone calls you 'crazy'? To me, it's music to my ears. "Are you crazy?" is a compliment because two things are happening when someone says that to you.

1) You have their attention.

2) They are silently admitting that they can't do what you did/are doing/are going to do.

Isn't it awesome? In Are You Crazy? series, I'm creating Surrealist artwork to make people question my sanity/insanity, while bringing their attention to our modern problems that need to be addressed. 

Bearst/Barest Friends (2021)

Let's Face It (2021)

Gorilla Guerilla (2021)

Lamb Had A Little Mary (2021)

Lucky 13 (2021)


金継ぎ Humpty (2021)

Who Cried Wolf (2021)

Parasite Paradise (2021)