Jessie Katsukin Takamura is a felt artist. She makes miniature felt sculptures using her experimental crafting techniques that can be transformed into jewelry and pattern designs. Also, she illustrates felt textured graphics that are printed on fashion products. Her illustration style is one that renders playfulness with various textures and cheery colours.

"Exactly 0.4 centimeters. Yes, good to proceed." You would hear her muttering to herself as she sews and measures the gaps between the cotton embroidery stitches. It took her three years to master her novel techniques to construct her miniature felt sculptures. 'Felt Sew Glued' method is the term she coined, which is built on familiar crafting techniques, such as cutting, sewing, and gluing. No, they are not clay-sculpting or needle-felting. Imagine your 20-inch plush toy being shrunken 50 times. That's the size of her felt sculptures.

Simply put, it all begins with felt. In fact, Jessie started her art business with an intent to recycle the surplus of felt fabric scraps from her past creative projects. That was all that was needed to take off. Aiming to make something new yet familiar to the audience, her works evolved from flat embroidered felt motifs to figurines that can perform various poses. She makes sure every piece is created with high precision, using the highest quality of materials to ensure its durability and versatility. 

So, how are these tiny sculptures made? Jessie's art-making process involves five stages: cutting felt pieces, sewing embroidery threads, gluing the pieces together, stuffing them with polyester fiber stuffings, and painting with the tip of a silk pin. Using epoxy resin, she glues the fabric edges together, just like how you'd sew a plush toy. Will the glue turn yellow over time? Of course, nothing lasts forever, thus you can request for an upgrade when you purchase your felt sculptures. Upgrading to ultraviolet (UV) clear resin, you'll expect to wait for another 3 days of processing time. It is 10 times longer than using fast-drying polyester resin glue because of the necessary curing process. At. Every. Step. That sounds painstaking and a little troublesome, doesn't it? "The edges will stay clear and not decolourise, that's why the time spent to lengthen their lifespan is definitely worthwhile."

Interestingly, her body of works does not exist solely in the physical realm. In her graphics collections, she creates digital motifs with her Wacom Intuos pen tablet set. Her zealous obsession with felt is strongly reflected in the texture overlays of felt fabric, along with glitter and gold foil.

End of story? Not really. The crossroad of her handmade felt sculptures and her textured illustrations is where she amalgamates both techniques. Turning her physical creations into seamless pattern designs, she prints them on products for practical uses.

Original Art

Kinda confused? Let's look at the two main categories of original art: sculptures and jewelry. Both types of artwork are handmade and can be ordered based on commissions or custom made order.

Akin to needle-felted figurines, these miniatures contain with polyester stuffings, allowing you to squeeze it. Can't find what you're looking for? Learn how to take a personalised order by clicking on the button below.

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The dimension of the smallest felt sculpture is about 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 cm, such as the red cherry sculpture. Those with more complicated forms ranges from 2.0 cm to 4.0 cm in height. Some examples are the cherry blossom branch and camellia stalk sculptures.

Small? How small? To view how the sculptures look like in real life, visit Instagram and watch the Highlight Stories 'Scale'.

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Uses? What about the uses of these tiny felt sculptures? One of the advantages of collecting these miniatures is experiencing their versatility, portability, and longevity. Whether you're collecting them one by one or in a complete set, there are numerous way to display them. Frame your felt sculpture(s) and display it on your desk, knot them with ribbons, laces, and gold threads and stick them on your wall, or simply place them in glass bottles for a 360-degree view.

Kindly handle them gently. Please do not pull or poke them with sharp objects. Feltto Workshop provides you various guides on how to display and take care your felt sculptures with little or no damages. Read the guides by clicking on the button below.

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