Story: Modern Flora Fairies

'Ding dong!' Your doorbell rang. Getting up from the reclining chair, you shuffled your way to answer the door. You see no one through the peephole, but as you opened the door, there was a medium-sized package at your doorstep. Picking up the box wrapped in brown paper, you found a cream white card tugged snuggly in its pocket. "Dear friend, Here's a little gift for you. Take great care of it and something magical will happen after 100 days." You flipped the card to its reverse side after reading the text aloud. Who is this from? Confused, you switched your focus to the package, trying to find its return address. None. Gingerly, you pulled the twine and unwrap the box. Gasping at the sight of its content, a warm simper ghosted on your lips. It was a bouquet of flowers, carefully arranged with velvet roses, denim-blue pansies, ochre gerberas, and baby's breaths. This must have been from one of the generous souls in your neighborhood, too shy to reveal their identity to you, thus sending this gift anonymously. Promising the unknown sender, you placed the bouquet in your mason jar as a makeshift vase and gently stroke the petals. Over the next few weeks, you made sure you were showering the flowers not only with sufficient water and sunlight but also with love and care. As you passed by the florist shop on the way to the grocers every weekend, you inquired to learn how to best take care of the flowers sitting in your cozy home. Collecting ceramic pieces became your hobby too. As you change the water every three days, you had fun choosing the next gorgeous vase from your collection, as if you were a fashion stylist. On the third month, something extraordinary happened. You were having an afternoon tea in your backyard when you heard a melodious tune. Tracing the sound to its source, you almost jumped out of your skin. There were tiny humans sitting on the petals of your flowers, singing and dancing daintily. They were dressed fashionably in off-shoulder tops, skinny jeans, and knee-high boots. You shook your head and slapped your cheeks. Yes, this is reality. The little people noticed your presence but remained unfazed. Crouching down slowly, you made eye contact with them. "Hello" was all that you could manage. A fit of chortles erupted from their small lungs before they responded in a bubbly tone, "Just relax, human! You appear too timid for someone of your size! It's our pleasure to meet you too. Thank you for taking care of us. We are the modern flora fairies, at your service."

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