Story: Seashell Magic

You were on your usual morning jog along the beach. Pacing along the shores, you caught a glimpse of a little girl hunching over, digging into the soft sand with her tiny hands. What probed your curiosity was her body language; she seemed to be too serious in her play. "Hello there, what are you up to?" You approached her, crouching down beside her petite physique. "I'm finding seashells. I'm on my 100th one." Sally responded unabashedly, briefly making eye contact with you before glancing down to continue her search. The conversation carried on surprisingly smoothly, learning that she wakes up each morning at 4 am to collect seashells, which she would take home for her mother to turn them into beautiful jewelry. Her father would then set up their stall to sell them along the streets, whom she joins him after school. These seashells had to be sold within 24 hours, or they will 'lose their magic'. Feeling a little confused, you arched your eyebrow and tilted your head. Before you could ask her why she had to work so hard assisting her parents, your jaw dropped. As she reached out for her 100th seashell, a tiny golden spark emitted from her fingertip, turning the seashell into a glittery one when she picked it up. That was when you noticed that the inside of her backpack was glowing too, which she unzipped to place the seashell with the rest of her collection. "Each of these seashells has the power to beckon gracious thoughts and ward off the evil intentions of the wearer. I'm the 4th descendant of the Glittery Touch in our lineage. We spread kindness to the world."

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