Pooh & Tigger

Pooh and Tigger,
Winner, not quitter
Honey, not liquor,
Springs and hyper
Minds that fickle?
Look who’s quicker
Sculpture into sticker?
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P.S. Thanks Lydia @lygowara for suggesting Tigger! This is my first ever miniature felt doll with rotatable joints! Swipe to watch the video of how flexible Tigger is! Winnie can be rotated too, but his torso is too flat! Anyway, the giveaway is coming soon in a few days and I want to thank friends who have been sharing and tagging these posts. You all have been very kind and supportive! If you have friends who appreciate cute stuff, miniature sculptures, and/or felt art and wouldn’t want them to miss this out, tag 3 or more of your friends in the comments below! Cheers! 

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