Winner of September Giveaway

Dear friends,

Before I announce the winner of this Stationery Set miniature sculptures giveaway, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU for all your time in voting, tagging, sharing, and supporting! It's really hard to choose one winner and I feel bad if you didn't win, so for the next 24 hours [inclusive of sleeping time], I'll be sending you a digital gift via DM and email newsletter. There are so many of you participating, so please be patient; I'll contact you really soon. Of course, please nudge me if you didn't receive my message after 24 hours!

I've sewn these 34 felt sculptures onto felt squares so they will stay in tack during their flight to their new home. Also, here's a short video on how to safely remove the threads from the felt sculptures. This gave me more inspirations on how to display them! I got carried away and took the whole afternoon taking photos of these art installations! Can you think of other ways to display these tiny artwork?'s time to announce the winner of the giveaway. There were a total of 303 entries, thus this Wheel of Fortune looks so crowded!

Congratulations to Svetlana @sweetminidollhouse for winning this Stationery Set! Your miniature clay dollhouses are so detailed and beautiful! I'll send you a DM to arrange shipment. 

Once again, thank you so much everyone for participating in this giveaway contest! Please remember to check your inbox for your digital gift! Have a lovely day~


Jessie Katsukin Takamura

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