Laugh till You're Tiering

Laugh till You're Tiering


Except that you may not be laughing, because 99% of my jokes or attempts to joke is not really funny. Thus, having me be the only one laughing might be funny. Either way, you might have laughed by the time you've finished reading this sentence. I win. A few days ago, I've told you that I joined Patreon. Why? The answer is why not. After dabbling around, I got decision-fatigue and finally + randomly settled with these four tiers ['4' is my lucky number, so you'll see a number of '4's on my page]. Here're what you'll get:

Level 1: Cool

All the cool kidzzzz deserve some tender loving care in the sweetest digital form possible. If you join the Cool Kidzzzz Gang, you'll receive digital downloads of stickers, bookmarks, prints or other kinds of downloadable. No, you will not receive any challenge letter. I don't do violence. PLOT TWIST: All these digital goods will transform into physical mailable goods when this Gang reaches 100 Cool Kidzzzz. You're gonna print them out anyway, so why waste your time when you can have me do all the work for you?

Level 2: Epic

The Epic Squad will be ready to get dispatched to gain some pampering from me. In addition to the TLC received by the Cool Kidzzzz, you'll also receive physical merchandise that could be an enamel pin, keychain, or any other accessories.

Level 3: Badass

Are you a Badass Hero? No? So, are you a Badass Anti-Hero? Badass Villain? Protagonists, antagonists, double agents, triple spies and alike are all welcome to join this underground society. Apart from the privileges from the Cool Kidzzzz Gang and the Epic Squad, all Badasses will also receive a small random gift. Don't overthink; they don't have any mystery codes to unravel.

Level 4: Mindblown

Mindblown Cult. BOOM! Being at the top of the game means you'll receive a mixture of merchandises, printables, and handmade stuff. Join the round table to decide on the upcoming theme that affects all the tiers below. If you love being the mastermind, come on in and convince me what to design and make. No such thing as under-the-table money; all exchanges are based on pure free trade.

Whether I'll fall flat on my face or emerge victorious against my past progress, there's no harm trying. Of course, I'd be self-entitled to expect viewers to magically transform into my patrons. I hereby will work hard to brainwash you to take out your wallet and invest your hard-earned money to a random homo sapien. Thou shalt look forward to getting you brainwashed.

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