Happy Merry Christmas 2020

Just like how I'd like to wish you on your birthday, it's your Christmas yo! In the perspective of realists, let's not close our eyes to make a wish, but open our eyes to write our goals. What's your current goal(s)? Mine is written in my bio. Yes, you'll achieve your goals because you're gonna be awesomer! Happy Merry Christmas 2020!

P.S. For the next 24 hours (I'm going to sleep first), you're gonna receive a DM from me with a free digital gift to thank you for your support. All newsletter subscribers will receive it via email. Alternatively, you may download it on my website homepage (just scroll to the middle). If you've just discovered me and wish to receive the free stuff, buy me an island. Joking. Just DM me and I'll give it to you. I'm not a scrooge. See ya!

P.S.S. I wanna thank these talented artists for hosting DTIYS and it has been fun joining these art challenges.







Thank you for sharing your art with our community!


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