Dear friend, I'm sorry

Dear friend, I'd like to apologise for my absence and changes. Thank you so much for appreciating my art and how it has evolved. Just as you know, my current goal is to make the world's tiniest felt sculptures and to do so, sacrifices have to be made. Recently, I've been inactive because I was creating Surrealist works that are gallery-worthy. To be honest, I'm really bored of my still life series and need to change my style. Thank you for expressing interest about my felt jewelry. However, I've got an even better design idea and needed more professional help. I want you to enjoy wearing the best felt jewelry, thus I'm going to launch again in the next quarter of this year. Lastly, I'll be deleting past works that are no longer relevant, but you can still view them on my website blog. Once again, thanks for your support. LOVE YA!

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