Artist Support: Your Turn

Artist Support: Your Turn

Is it 'Artist Support' or 'Artists Support' or 'Artist Supports'? Whichever it is, HAPPY 2021 TO YOU! Let's kick off 2021 with this week's theme: Your turn. Last year, we've express our thanks to people whom we admire. In this week's Artist Support, I'm not going to ask you the question. Instead, you're going to ask any question. Let's DO IT!

🌸Introduce yourself

🌸Ask a question

🌸Tag artists you love

🌸Choose a random friend here and answer their question

🌸Saves and shares are highly appreciated

Me first! Hello I'm Jessie, a felt artist who, in progress, is making the world's tiniest soft sculptures. Here's my question: What's your favourite colour combination? IT'S YOUR TURN NOW!

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Check 'em out yo:

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