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Let's take a thankation from thanklathon in a shark thank! Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend! In last week's Artist Support, we've shared our one trick that changed the game. This week, let's share what you're thankful for. HIT IT...

🌸Introduce yourself 

🌸Answer this question: What/Who are you thankful for?

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Yo I'm Jessie, a felt artist who aims to make the world's tiniest felt plush. I'm thankful for you artists for your beautiful art + for you friends for your art of support + for being born a human + for being at the top of the food chain + for being born in the 21st century + for living right now. It's YOUR TURN LET'S GO!

Check 'em out for intangible support/cheque 'em out for tangible support:

@natachaplano @kolibrikid @swordandwhetstone @silentsparrowdesigns @smalldosesofwonder @flowerlandsart @lovesoup @artistniralimehta @sweetsnpearls @dankalarts @kawaiiflavor @little_miss_tippy_toes @valeriewaihandmade @oldzia999 @chichilittle @sakuradragon @janebprints @tomatoda_make @lapislusfairywonderland @mikaharmony @sweetminidollhouse @_katepaints @woodsofwonder @dulcebarbola @kirakiradoodles @mahoukarp @aruallhuillier @ninacreation @sinistersquids @peachfetti


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