Artist Support: A Recent Risk You Took?

Artist Support: A Recent Risk You Took?

Hi friends, we're on another round of 'Artist Support'! Here's how:

🌸Introduce yourself

🌸Answer this question: What's a recent risk you took?

🌸Tag artists you love

🌸Check out our friends and tagged artists in the comments

I'll go first! Yo, I'm Jessie and I make felt miniature sculptures using felt and stuffings. A recent risk I took was abandoning the use of epoxy glue to stick the edges of the felt pieces. I'm now sewing 100% on all my tiny felt plush toys. It's definitely a lot harder, so I'm practising this new technique with more fan art and DTIYS. In addition to taking better care of my lungs, I don't have to worry about glue sticking to my nails. No more fretting over wearing gloves or those finger covers which are like the gloves minus the palm area (what do you call them...finger condoms?! HAHAHAHA) So this means it's WEEKLY MANICURE TIME! OH YEAH MAN! (alright...I'm done) You'll definitely love to check these talented artists:

@amuimuiii @miyaguart @ajtuana @crafterofcute @acatcie @eggumu @eggbuttertoast @bunbunpai @madebymalin @illusbyjo @berruriii @fatfatfactory @eggtartstudio @cherryly.x @drawbora @gyulade @hellomangostar @puffy_chi @forloaf @jelly.atelier @spruuty @studiopaperbear @beckycas_ @tiffanyhuynhart @lilartstuff @pinesnprints @miyukiverse @rissaillustrations @piumeli @pernilleorum

P.S.: Ongoing DTIYS! #feltto1k is currently running...freestyle medium + modifications welcome + no deadline. If you love your DTIYS creation(s), feel free to do commercially-related work with it. Cheers!


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