Usual VS Ideal Earring Collection

Usual VS Ideal Earring Collection

11 more days to send out your convertible jewelry at 25% off! Here's the difference between your USUAL one-style trendy jewelry piece vs your IDEAL 24-style unique jewelry set: they have different spelling and word count. Thank you so much Nancy, Sierra @luminousnightlightwolf , Sarah @sarahhhhhh.g , Allison @finnallis , NC and Julia @jahenken for filling in your Google Forms! I appreciate your sweet comments too!


Well duh...anyone's usual earrings have 1 - 2 ways to style.

Do you...

- love collecting, especially jewelry...
- but has to constantly declutter?
- enjoy being fashionable...
- but want to do so in a sustainable way?
- adore cute stuff...
- but want accessories that are not too bulky?
- fond of tiny art...
- but want to display them in places that are more visible?
- enjoy creative challenges
- but don't wanna take too much time doing so?

Yes? That's awesome!

Your ideal earring set...
- gives you 24 (or more) ways to wear for the price of one. Imagine the amount of space you've saved with just one jewelry set!
- comes with felt sculptures that are barely 1-cm in dimensions, giving you more reasons to enjoy kawaii fashion conveniently.
- is a great conversation starter in addition to having the most visible spot to display your tiny art collection; on you!
- only takes less than 10 seconds to switch between different styles, as compared to taking at least 10 minutes to make one on your own!

Pay by instalment is available too.

Feel free to write to me via DM on Instagram @feltto_ or email if you've got any questions. Tap/click on the button to learn more.


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