Two ways to freely frame your felt sculptures

Two ways to freely frame your felt sculptures

Last week, you've read about how to let your felt sculptures roam free anywhere in your personal/workspace. In other words, you know how to fill tiny blank spaces and corners in your home and/or office.

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Today, you'll learn how to frame multiple felt sculptures freestyle, using TWO types of frames. In this guide, I'm using 7 of my seashell sculptures. You don't need any kind of adhesive and are free to switch their positions whenever you like!

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Here are the two types of frames you could use:

  1. Photo frame - in this case, I'm using my upcycled square photo frame painted using metallic pink nail polish and black polka dots
  2. Wooden box - I got this from a Japanese traditional sweet (wagashi) packaging, which is a box with divider. Beautiful craftsmanship!

Method 1: Photo frame

Simply sew your sculpture on a piece of fabric (felt in this article) and place the rest around it.

Method 2: Wooden Box

Fill in the spaces with as many felt sculptures as you want and display the wooden box on your desktop. Make sure that it is tilted at a degree of 45 to avoid having your felt sculptures from tumbling out of their compartments.

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