Mametchi's Room Exploration

When your new friend arrives at your doorstep, you might get overly excited that you let him/her/they roam around your house the moment your package is unwrapped.

However, it's important to ensure their safety. Depending on their personality, agility, and adaptability, your new friend might prefer exploring your room first before going on a bigger adventure.

I'm writing to you because earlier today, I allowed Mametchi to explore my room and had my heart in my throat most of the time. Mametchi is a curious, healthy, and nimble character. Whatever that catches his attention does not go scotch free, just like how a skillful predator pouncing on its prey at the right opportunity. He was doing parkour all over the place!

Here's a record of what happened today [in direct speeches, with him giggling in response]:

"Mametchi, get down from that curtain!"

"Where are you going? Come down before you hurt yourself!"

"What's the time now? It's time to think about safety!"

"Yes, slow down...and don't pee on my books."

"I don't think you're 2D enough to squeeze through that gap."

"Next destination already?"

"That's your shadow. Stop chasing it."

"Shhh! You'll wake him up!"

" careful! Those are not steps!"

"Too small for you. I'll make you a new room."

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