How to turn your felt sculptures into a curtain display and dismantle them anytime

Last week, you've read about how to clean your felt sculptures if they have been contacted with dust, sand or other dry debris.

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This week, you'll gain insights on how to transform your felt sculptures into a curtain display and dismantle them anytime you want. If you've been collecting these felt sculptures and are finding a way to display them all at once, this workshop will guide you through using a very familiar technique; sewing.

You don't need to be a professional at displaying the art you collect. Simply gather these 3 materials:

1) Sewing needle - mine is relatively thin. You don't need an embroidery needle unless you're planning to using embroidery threads.

2) Sewing thread - In this case, I'm using metallic gold thread because gold is a versatile colour that contrasts and harmonises with other colours.

3) A piece of cloth - I'm using tenugui, a thin hand towel made from cotton as a short decorative curtain.

Step One: Make a knot at the end of your thread

Step Two: Attach your felt sculptures to the desired spots on your curtain. Make sure you are just pulling the thread over the felt sculptures without piercing them. This allows you to quickly dismantle them with zero damages.


Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 - 2 until you've attached all your sculptures.

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