How to hang your felt sculptures on the wall with zero damage

At Feltto, felt sculptures are light, durable, and portable, making the display process fast, simple, and affordable. There is no need to drill your wall or lift heavy frames. Moreover, you can do this alone! 

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In this artist workshop, you'll learn ONE technique using TWO materials to hang your felt sculptures on the wall in THREE steps without damaging them.

All you need are:

  • Strings, ribbons, laces, or threads - to tie your felt sculptures
  • Washi tapes - to attach your felt sculptures on the wall


Step 1: Tying

Coil around a part of your felt sculpture and tie a knot on the last loop.

Step 2: Pasting

Cut about an inch of your tape and stick them on the edge of the strings, ribbons, laces, or threads, facing upwards.

Step 3: Displaying

Stick the tapes on your wall. Vary the height to create a dynamic composition.

Whether you're doing housekeeping or moving house, you may take them down anytime.

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