How to frame your felt sculptures under 8 minutes

Exactly 11 days ago, I've shared with you how to hang your felt sculptures on the wall with zero damage. Precisely, you had learnt ONE technique using TWO materials to hang your felt sculptures on the wall in THREE steps without damaging them.

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This week, you'll know how to frame your felt sculptures under 8 minutes using THREE materials in THREE steps. Display it on your desk, your bookshelf, your window sill, and even on the wall.

Here's what you need:

  • A photo frame - it can be a brand new or a recycled one. Mine is a refurbished frame, which I painted with metallic rose pink nail polish with black polka dots.
  • A needle and thread - In this case, I'm using a metallic gold thread to add some flair.
  • A piece of felt - Your choice of colour. Don't be afraid to go wild with brighter colours. I'm using cream white to complement the pastel palette of my room.

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Step 1: Sewing

Sew your felt sculpture to the felt fabric by looping the thread over it a few times. There is no need to pierce your sculpture, but if you've decided to create a permanent installation, by all means you may do so.


Step 2: Prepare your frame

Remove the backing and glass panel of your photo frame. Clean your frame with a piece of tissue in case there is any dust. 


Step 3: Frame your sculpture

Insert your sewn-on felt sculpture in between the frame and the backing. 

You're ready to display your framed art!

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