How to display your felt sculptures using glass tubes in 3 steps with limitless combinations

How to display your felt sculptures using glass tubes in 3 steps with limitless combinations

Two weeks ago, I've demonstrated to you how to frame your felt sculptures under 8 minutes by sewing them onto felt fabric sheets. They can be removed and reattached to the frame display whenever you like. 

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On our last day of August 2020, I'm going to show you how to display your felt sculptures using glass tubes in 3 steps. Glass tubes installations encourage viewers to have a 360-degree view and often on closer proximity. Shiny and transparent objects seem to evoke our curiosity, that's why this installation would be perfect to display in both your personal and workspaces.

Here's the list of materials:

  • A test tube rack - Mine was originally latte in colour and I painted it in cotton candy pink and mint green.
  • Some test tubes - Any quantity will do as long as your felt sculptures are able to fit into them.
  • Rhinestones - This is optional. I filled two of the glass tubes with acrylic rhinestones because some of the felt sculptures used are very thin and light. Adding rhinestones will ease the process of reassembly as it will be easier to pour the felt sculptures out of the test tubes.

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Step 1: Decide on the order of your felt sculptures

You may order them in whichever way you prefer. Most importantly, please avoid placing the lightest sculpture at the bottom of the test tube as it might not be able to withstand the weight of the other felt sculptures above it. Moreover, it might be compressed and stick to the bottom of the tube, causing difficulty in its removal.


Step 2: Add acrylic rhinestones (optional)

As mentioned above, you may skip this step depending on the size compatibility of your felt sculptures. In this case, I poured them into the test tubes with felt flowers and felt fruits.


Step 3: Arrange your felt sculptures

Hold your test tube at a 45-degree. As you place your felt sculptures into the test tube, tap its mouth as the sculpture slides downwards. Take your time to orientate the pieces. Depending on the weight distribution and the size of each unique felt sculpture, you might find yourself removing and adjusting the orientation of the pieces. Again, tap the mouth of the test tube as you arrange the felt sculptures.


Optional: Create a stopper by rolling a piece of felt fabric strip into a cylindrical form.

Step 4: Display on the test tube rack

Place your filled glass tubes on its rack and display your installation on your desk, bookshelves, or window sill. 

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