How to clean and care for your felt sculptures

In the previous blog post, I've shown you how to display your felt sculptures in glass tubes in only three steps.

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There are numerous arrangements and combinations of showing off your felt sculptures, but what if they need some cleaning? This week, I'm going to demonstrate how to clean and maintain your felt sculptures using only two tools.

Here's what you need:

A thin brush - in this case, I'm using a lip brush

A piece of adhesive tape - I'm using a piece of washi tape in this article

For demonstration, I'm dropping some felt sculptures into a case of laser glitter to mimic sand, dust, or other kinds of dry debris.

Step One: Pick up your felt sculpture using your hand or tweezers

Step Two: Gently brush the debris using your thin brush

Step Three: Clean the remaining debris by dabbing it with a piece of washi tape

Note: Do not forcefully pluck or poke at your felt sculptures in the attempt of removing the debris. Repeat Steps Two to Three until they are removed. If the damage is beyond repair, please contact me to arrange a repair service using your warranty.

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