Derpy Froggo #amuimui4K

Derpy Froggo #amuimui4K

Here's my entry for @amuimuii DTIYS #amuimui4K

This has too many deviations: this froggo is now enclosed in a wooden cube, not jello cube, as my resin cube mold is too small for the frog! Sliced the lemon and turned the strawberry into frozen desserts, before tossing in more random items so the froggo does not look too lonely.

Thanks for hosting this DTIYS and congratulations Selena on reaching 4K followers!

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P.S. Would you be interested if there's a 'Create This In Your Style' challenge, which includes artists of various medium (pottery, knitting, paper, fiber art) to join illustrators and painters? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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